Animals that are turned into the shelter are well-cared for and we can’t help but develop affection for each and every one of them that comes through our door.

But these animals want, need, and deserve homes where they will get lots of love and attention.

adopt these cute kittens

We will make every effort to keep these pages updated – but if you are interested in adopting a specific kind of pet, please do not hesitate to stop by, call or e-mail our shelter for even more up-to-date information on the animals currently residing with us.

Many of our adoptable animals are also shown on the website In addition, that site can check your exact wants or desires in pets and locate them for you and help you to adopt. Don’t forget to check both sites.this puppy up for adoption

In addition to these wonderful pets we have many kittens and puppies who are awaiting anxiously for a home and a loving family. Please stop by the shelter and get acquainted.

The telephone number for our local shelter is 943-3888.