All New Pets Up for Adoption

she is a sweet cat ready for a good homeCaring for pets can be the most enriching experience for many people. But some folks are not able to care for their animal and that’s when we end up with one of these cuties. It’s usually never the fault of the animal, but they become one of the more than 7 million animals that end up in a shelter because the previous pet parent couldn’t handle the responsibilities. That’s when they reach us. There’s no need to buy an animal when there are so many locally that you could rescue! Go ahead and visit our adoption page and have a look at a few of the others just waiting for a new home for the holidays.

small yorkie for adoptionIf you’ve got what it takes, that is, a desire to grow and learn with your new pet, as well as the will to get out and do some exercise along with invest in food for your pet, then rescuing is the noblest thing you can do in pet ownership. Help put an end to the euthanizing of needless millions of animals each year with your generous adoption.